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    Does Ramen noodles cause cancer? Read this

    Noodles have become favorite food of many people. Because of the good taste and because it is very easy to make, it is increasingly replacing good healthy meals. We also enjoy it regularly in our meals. We have done some research and it appears that we found many reasons why you should not eat them […] More

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    Top 12 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid!

    Take care of your diet and watch what you eat. Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 12 foods that can give you cancer. We’re looking at the foods that science has suggested could increase your odds of developing this dangerous disease. If you care about the health of your family and friends. […] More

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    Some Easy Steps to Think Positive and Stay Happy for all Life

    Have you felt discouraged and eager to quit? Then someone comes to you and says, “You just have to be positive.” Yes, most of us have received such a message from someone. Perhaps you have said the same to your friend or relative: “Don’t think negative, just stay positive and things will get better.”   […] More

  • 11 Tips to Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

    How healthy is your lifestyle? Do you exercise regularly, eat well? We have a guide for you to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Do not Smoke Remember that smoking is the leading cause of death in the world. If you manage to quit smoking, the benefits of cessation are important, both for the passive and active […] More

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    5 foods that can protect you against diabetes

    Type II diabetes is becoming more common in recent years. Even more disturbing is the fact that in the last ten years the average age at which this disease emerges has been reduced from seventy to forty years. That is why it is very important to know which foods can help you protect against diabetes. […] More

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    Anyone who suffers from insomnia and sleep problems knows the consequences: lack of energy, nervousness, fatigue, increased irritability and reduced energy are just some of the problems that arise with sleeping problems. In the long term, lack of sleep can seriously damage our health. Heart diseases, depression and other diseases are not uncommon in chronic […] More

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    How to live a healthy life as a student? Things you should know

    Student life we have experienced it ourselves, or we know at least a few students. Did you know that student life is a very good excuse for some people to get rid of everything? A beer here, a wine there, a festival here etc. Many students often gain the necessary kilos in their first year without actually […] More

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    10 Simple and proven steps to increase your metabolism

    Your body must work hard even when it is completely at rest. Your breathing, digestion, and brain functions, for example, always continue even when you sleep. The more energy your body uses when it is at rest, the easier it is to keep on weight or to lose weight if you want. With a high […] More

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    10 easy ways to lower your blood pressure by yourself

    Your blood pressure is an important indicator of your health. High blood pressure does not immediately cause symptoms. If your blood pressure is too high for a long time it can have harmful consequences. What is too high? Your heart pumps blood around your veins. The force with which that happens causes pressure in the […] More

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