5 Ways to Feel Young at Heart

As we age, we have a tendency to let the numbers get the best of us. You know, though, that it really is true that you’re only as old as you feel. Staying young is easy if you can remain active, engaged, and keep learning new things about the world around you. Whether you’re just reaching retirement or if you’re 10 years in, you don’t have to look or feel like your age if you know how to keep things fresh. Here are five tips for feeling young, no matter your chronological age:

  1. Be positive. Have a happy, free state of mind. Some days it can be difficult, but the more positive and active your mind is, the younger you will feel.
  2. Support your favorite cause. Volunteering and giving back allows you to interact with people and feel young and vibrant, no matter what age you might be.
  3. Learn. Whether you take classes at the adult education center in your community or just pick up some books from the local library, if you are learning new things, you can help your mind active and enjoy that youthful feeling.
  4. Be outside. The fresh air and sunlight are great for your body and your mind, as long as you’re wearing sunscreen. Even just taking a walk or going to the park can allow you to remember that you’re a part of the world around you.
  5. Exercise. Whether you can go for a jog or just take a local fitness class, you can find plenty of youth in keeping your body fit and in shape.

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