Healthy Food Choices for Healthy Lifestyle


Scientific studies have found that good nutrition helps women and children live longer and better. Nutrition is The Way to Happiness.

Results of women’s eating habits studies, found that a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fiber and low fat can improve the quality of life. Researchers say it is better and healthier to keep a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, instead of counting calories.

This study was published in Aprils issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association, in it participated over 42,000 women.

The research results indicate that women who followed a diet rich in the mentioned ingredients, had a lower chance of mortality over a period of over six years, in which the study was conducted.

The study showed that women who consumed the highest amounts of recommended foods had a 30 percent less chance of dying of various reasons during the study, compared to women who ate less of the recommended foods.

In addition, the research showed that these women had a 30 percent less chance of dying from all types as cancers, heart disease and strokes.

The study was based on the score given by the subjects who consumed the recommended foods diet.

Women were asked several times a week how much they consumed of the healthy foods. Which included fruits, vegetables and other low-fat foods. Every woman in the study was scored compared to a questionnaire filled at the beginning of the study.

The researchers claimed that the study results support an approach that claims that behavior in accordance with the recommendations of dietitians can definitely improve the quality of life.

The researchers concluded that eating a diet of the right low fat foods is recommended for a Healthy and Longer Life Span. 

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