Some Easy Steps to Think Positive and Stay Happy for all Life

Have you felt discouraged and eager to quit? Then someone comes to you and says, “You just have to be positive.” Yes, most of us have received such a message from someone.

Perhaps you have said the same to your friend or relative: “Don’t think negative, just stay positive and things will get better.”

                                               7 Steps to Think Positive

How to make one think positively? Here are seven steps for a positive thinking

1. Gratitude

Learn to appreciate every moment for what it is. For example, you go to the beach to enjoy a wonderful day of sunshine, blue sea, umbrellas and ice cream. Upon arriving, the wind started to rise and rain sifted down. Feeling unhappy, enjoy the moment. Enjoy the wind, sing in the rain, laugh at everyone scurrying to find a shelter. Live the intensity of the moment.

2. Live with humor

You have to laugh every day. Laugh is healing. Laughs well. Learn to see humor in situations.Practice saying something comical. Find something funny in a stressful moment and tell the people around you. Humor requires creativity . It opens your mind. Find humor in something and it forces you to think differently. It stimulates your brain, it gives life.

3. Make your dreams come true

Instead of complaining about what has happened, create forward-looking thinking. Don’t worry about the injustice done to you, but focus on your future. “It only takes one positive thought to get a chance to survive and grow, to overpower a whole army of negative thoughts.” (Robert H. Schuller). Don’t cheat on wasted chances, but zeal for opportunities around you now. Work on your dreams with confidence and creativity and live your life with passion.

4. Get your place in order

Get your home, desk, living environment, and order your work space and sort everything out. When things are in place, it’s neat and your space is systematic and well arranged, you feel better.It creates an atmosphere and energy to actively deal with your problems and to make better use of new opportunities.

5. Have a company of positive people

 Positive people stimulate you into positive thinking, while the negativity of people acts on your mind. When you talk and act with people, don’t focus on petty and negative aspects.Rather venture with humor and positivism and you’ll see how you draw the right kind of people closer to you.

6. Forget about fear, all the way forward

Fear of all sorts of things makes you depressed, tense, scared and negative. It can be fearful of financial problems, a grumpy boss, a bad situation, or an overload of work. But refuse to focus on fear. Analyze the fear, think through solutions and take steps to deal with the problem. Then concentrate on everything you have on your goals and the way you go. Shift doubts and fear thoughts deliberately, and give all your energy and thought to your dreams. Take one day at a time, and handle that day fully and positively. Think positively and masterfully with confidence and faith, and life becomes more awesome, full of action, richer in performance and experienced.

7. Faith is Important

You have this one life. Believe in yourself and dare to live with everything you have. Believe that you will be successful and also believe that you will turn your problems and obstacles into opportunities.

Accept the challenges of life and build your future. To believe in yourself is to create a reality in which you can function confidently and positively. And you can believe in yourself, because you are created in the image of God. Someone once said, “When the sun rises, it will come to everyone.”

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