10 reasons you don’t know why drinking water is healthy

In addition to a healthy and varied diet, drinking water is extremely important to feel healthy and fit. Water is healthy, you’ve probably heard that enough already. But do you also know why drinking water is healthy? We list 10 reasons that will convince you to drink more water every day.

1. Drinking water is of vital importance

Is drinking water healthy? Yes, it is of vital importance! Without food we can survive for quite a long time, but without water a person will only survive for four to five days. Water is indispensable as a fuel for your body. Only a little dehydration can already cause a major energy loss. How much water do you have to drink per day? It is important to drink 2 liters of water every day. Try to drink a glass of water every hour to surf.

2. Good functioning of your organs

Our body consists for the most part of water, namely 70 to 75 percent. Part of that water is in our blood. The other part is needed for the functioning of our organs, including your brain, heart, lungs, lever, muscles and bones. If you drink too little water, that is in this state in this and that is of course a shame. To make your rights work, it is important to drink water.

3. Fuel for your muscles

Whoever drinks Swedish while exercising loses large amounts of water. And let that be just important for the proper functioning of the muscles. If your cells do not have enough fluid, you get the last of muscle cramps and you are more likely to perform less well. Preferably drink half a liter of water two hours before exercise and drink afterwards. Muscle aches, painful joints and general tensions in the body are more common with dehydration. Drinking enough water is the message!

4. Drinking water nicer the intestinal transit

Every day 2 liters of water drinks the digestive waste and limits the risk of constipation by hydrating bowel movements. Interesting to know is that natural mineral water with magnesium does not make the intestinal transit yet!

5. Drinking water ensures beautiful skin

Water is healthy. Not only for the inside of your body, but also for the outside. Drinking plenty of water ensures beautiful, hydrated skin. If you drink too little water you will always get dry, dull skin and wrinkles will also appear at the latest. Moisturize your skin with a moisturizing cream and drink plenty of water, ensuring a beautiful and radiant complexion.

An overdose of water will not be caused by all pimples and blemishes. You are hydrated enough, take your hair and go over the moisture just excreted.

6. Good functioning of the kidneys

Speaking of kidneys: These glands filter waste from your blood and transport urine to your bladder. The many small filters build, their work still works well, provided that you get moisture quickly of course. But those who drink water run a higher risk of kidney stones and bladder infections. Are you not sure about your drinking enough? Keep an eye on your urine, it should be light colored and almost odorless.

7. Boost for your metabolism

Is drinking lots of water healthy? Absolutely! Get a strong boost to your metabolism. This is also the reason why you have to drink 2 liters of water every day if you want to lose a few kilos. In addition, it is a good substitute for high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks.

And even that is not enough, water also suppresses your hunger feeling. You have a relationship with thirst. Do you think you are hungry? Then drink a good glass of water and you will get a snack. You will see that your ‘hunger feeling’ disappears. Healthy weight loss is of course more than just drinking water, read here 8 tips to eat healthier.

8. Drinking water helps against headaches

Do you regularly suffer from headaches? Then it is possible that you do not drink enough water. Drinking water helps with a hangover. Did you drink too much one evening and do you not feel well the next day? Then drink a lot of water, so you make sure that your moisture is hydrated again and you are remembered.

9. Drinking water helps against fatigue

Did you have too little sleep last night? Move that coffee aside. Water is healthy and helps against drooping eyes. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is said to be suffering. Once more than to take a sip of water once in a while.

10. Improve your productivity

Do you have trouble getting started in the morning? A productive workday always starts with a glass of water. The human brain now functions better if the body receives enough fluid. Drinking water can help you and make you move!

Is drinking water healthy or not? We think that you will know this answer after reading this article. Water is healthy and we hope that this content can motivate you to drink even more water. Do you drink

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