5 Best Tips to Live a Healthy Long Life

                    These 5 tips will help you to live a Healthy Long Life

Do Walk
Walk for 30 minutes everyday . Make it your habit , evening or morning doesn’t matter just do it when you have time , but make it a part of your daily routine . Even on holidays and also on rainy days. This will not only improve your hearts function , but also better blood circulation to brain will boost your memory and mental health.

Stop taking Cola

Never drink any Cola drinks . If you want a drink just make lemonade or coconut water or plain simple crystal clear water. Cola is a poison that you pay for , fruit juice packets also have lots of potentially cancer causing preservatives and unhealthy levels of sugar . Take water and fresh lemonade and stop taking Cola drinks.
Sleep Properly

You should sleep 8 hours a day. Do not manage with 6 or 7 hours . Your routine should be atleast 8 hours if you can manage . Sleeping well not only recharges you , but also boosts your body’s immune system and helps in body healing itself.

Quit Smoking

Almost everyone has heard the many serious risks smoking poses, and even smoking occasionally can still put you at risk for ailments like lung cancer, heart disease and others. For those looking to quit they should quit it without thinking more.

Eat Eggs 

Eat atleast 3 eggs daily. Eggs are natures cheapest source of highest quality protein . Packed with high quality amino acids, vitamins, and brain boosting fats. Forget about all the myths you have read in cheap magazines . Eggs are a best food and any person (without active heart disease due to congenital high cholesterol levels ) can consume 3 or even 4 eggs a day. They are very easy to digest and help in keeping your bones strong and help in hair growth and sharp eye sight .

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