How to defend against cancer by boosting your immune system – 5 easy tips

Cancer is a very dangerous disease, but with a healthy living style, you can easily defend yourself from it. 

Cancer usually occurs from food,genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. The bodies of most people will fight off cancer cells before they have a chance to multiply and grow; however, sometimes the body is unable to eliminate toxic cells.

The best way to fight off cancer cells before they have a chance to attack the body is to make sure your immune system is healthy. You should know these effective tips below to defend against cancer.

Tip 1
Avoid sugar and sugar substitutes to prevent cancer. Cancer feeds off sugar and the harmful chemicals in sugar substitutes.

Tip 2

Drink green tea to boost your immune system. Green tea contains anti-oxidants that may help prevent cancer.

Tip 3
Eat more fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and whole grains to prevent cancer.

Tip 4 
Take supplements that boost the immune system. Take anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help your immune system. Vitamin E helps the body eliminate bad cells.

Tip 5

Do Exercise daily. Even a daily 15-20 minute walk can help improve your immune system and prevent from cancer.

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